Nancy DuVergne Smith

Watercolors: Figures, Flora, Waterscapes

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Spring 2019 Exhibit Location #1

Heart Peace Studio  
298 Derby Street
West Newton
There are multiple artists at this location; see list

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When I was four, I remember sitting with my mother at the kitchen table as she sketched a few lines and the profile of a women appeared. It was magic. That moment set my beacon toward art making. As a painting major in college, I worked primarily in oil, acrylic, and gouache. Today I have fallen in love with the watercolor medium: vibrant colors that wake up the eye, subtle blends that melt into singular hues. A wet brush is still a thrill.

For subject matter, I love living things--figures and faces, plants and fruit--as well as waterscapes and abstracts. My style ranges from sensitive modulations of color and value to expressive work, often with calligraphic details. When my brush touches my subject matter intimately, I feel successful.

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