Sandra Mueller-Dick

Watercolor/Acrylic/Ceramic Tiles/Scarves

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Spring 2019 Exhibit Location #45  Wheelchair Accessible

Artists 12  
379 Hammond St
Church of the Redeemer
Chestnut Hill
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Sandra Mueller-Dick

Much of my work emanates from themes that are important to me, such as every day objects, fruits/vegetables, and landscape. I start with something representational, which sometimes evolves to becoming more abstract. For example, my new abstract paintings are inspired by rock formations along the Maine coast, where I have spent a great deal of time since childhood, looking at rocks, tidal pools, and the ever-changing yet timeless quality of reflections. Whether it is a still life, landscape or floral, I try to imbue my subject with a sense of mood in the way I integrate color with shape. My goal is always both to portray and evoke emotion, encouraging viewers to interpret what they see for themselves and experience their own emotional response. I try to speak directly to the inner life of my audience, helping them to know and stay in touch with who they are, and to find that which can bring comfort and solace to their lives.

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