Ellen Fisher

Issue-focused Photography-based Images

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Spring 2019 Exhibit Location #22  Wheelchair Accessible

Carriage House Studio  
647 Commonwealth Ave
Newton Centre
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Study-Cards for Artificial Flower Assembly.
Media: Altered photographs and US State Department Report.
Work in progress, 200 images will be in the finished portfolio.
Each image represents 100,000 forced or trafficked laborers, totaling 20 million laborers (conservatively) worldwide.
The iconography was chosen because artificial flowers from China are sometimes associated with forced labor.

The products that surround us, from the supermarket to the craft store, can have a tangle of contacts with forced labor.

Other recent work explores the complexity of memory, memory loss, and visual perception: the souvenir series. Iconography for these themes includes found objects and forest scenes. Examples can be found on my website.

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